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If you are looking for car insurance, then look no further. You can search the market by filling in the simple form with basic information about your vehicle, where you live, and how you plan to drive the vehicle and in return, you will receive quotes from insurance providers to buy online or on the phone.

Do you know what insurance you need?

Types of insurance cover:

  • Third Party - Third party is the most basic level of car insurance legally allowed in the UK. Sometimes referred to as TPO, it provides cover to protect other people, their vehicles and property in case of an accident which is deemed to be your fault. However, it is important to remember that damage to your property or any personal injuries as a result of an accident you caused are not covered.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft - Third party, fire and theft is one level higher than third party. As well as covering other people and their property, you are covered for fire damage to your vehicle, as well as providing a replacement or assistance fixing and replacing parts if someone attempts to break in to your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive - The highest level of car insurance available in the UK is comprehensive insurance. Unlike third party policies, comprehensive policies provide cover for damage to your vehicle too. If you were to write off your vehicle in an accident, comprehensive insurance would cover the costs of a replacement vehicle.
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Classes of Use

There are a number of different options to consider when choosing the right level of car insurance such as, what you will use the car for.

  • Social Cover - Often referred to as social, domestic and pleasure, this is the most basic level you need if you drive your vehicle around and do not travel to and from your workplace. An example of this would be if you use your car to drive you and your friends shopping.
  • Social & Commuting - This provides cover for all of the above uses i.e. social, domestic use and for pleasure but also allows you to drive to and from a permanent place of work. If you drive a lot for work or visit various sites, you need to look at business use.
  • Business Use - If you drive your vehicle for business will need to tell your insurer that you need business use cover. Business use covers your vehicle for the miles you do when driving your vehicle for work purposes such as attending meetings or visiting other sites. If you drive to and from work, you need cover for commuting, not business use.
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Other topics which may affect the cost of your insurance

Where do you keep your car over night?

You will usually be asked where you keep your car overnight. It is important that you do not mislead your insurers as to where your vehicle is kept overnight as, if something was to happen to the vehicle whilst it was parked elsewhere, any claims could be invalidated. It’s also good to remember that in some instances, parking your vehicle on the road could be cheaper than parking it on your drive way so honesty, is usually the best policy.

Your cars mileage

How many miles do you drive every year? If you drive 5000 miles, don’t tell your insurer you drive 10,000 as this will greatly increase your premiums. By telling you insurer that you are driving more miles than you actually make in your car you are making yourself look like a higher risk. Equally, if you tell the insurer that you are going to drive 5000 miles when you will actually drive 10000 then you could land yourself in trouble. You could check your MOT certificates from one year to the next to see how many miles you have driven in the past year, and if you intend to drive in a similar style then use this as a guide.

Named drivers

Naming additional drivers on your policy can increase the costs of your insurances but provide any other drivers a greater level of cover. It is often thought that if you have comprehensive insurance, you can drive other vehicles third party however this varies per policy so always check your wording before jumping into another person’s vehicle. Even so, third party cover would not cover any damage to your own vehicle

Spreading your car insurance costs

Many people look for policies that spread the costs over the year to lessen the impact on their cash flow. Most insurance providers offer flexible payment options these days but may charge an additional fee for doing so. Be sure to check with your provider if they are going to charge any additional fee’s.

Home owner?

Ever wondered why you are asked if you are a homeowner or not? Put simply, home owners are viewed by some insurance providers as being a lower risk as they may be in a more stable time of their life and less likely to drive erratically.


Much like being a homeowner, some insurers will view a married person as being less of a risk on the road than someone who is single.

Gender differences in costs

Since December 2012 it has been illegal for any European insurer to view males or females as less risky drivers. Because of this, there should be no difference in the prices of your insurance due to your gender.

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