Had a call from us?

At iRevolution Connect we work with leading insurance brokers and providers to call customers on their behalf before transferring you to them to effectively handle the call.

How we receive your information

When working with insurance brokers and providers from other industries, we receive information in a variety of ways. Below details the most popular ways in which we work with our partners.

  • Insurance Providers

    - Sometimes insurance providers send us data that they wish to be called as part of their latest campaigns. It could be that they were the cheapest price quoted on a comparison site, that you asked for a quote previously, and they want to offer you a quote again, or that they feel that they can offer you a different product.

  • iRevolutionConnect.co.uk and Flashcompare.co.uk

    - We use iRevolution Connect site to generate leads for insurance products. Flash Compare is a site that we use to generate energy leads. We advertise on social media and on search engines to market to people who are looking for assistance with their individual or business needs.

  • Affiliates

    We have a network of affiliates who all specialize in generating leads for us. Each of their websites have been reviewed for compliance with relevant regulations to ensure that it is not misleading to you. When they take your information, it is fed directly into our system to call you.

iRevolution Connect phone connection

Are we allowed to call you?

The short answer here is yes.

Firstly, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to help with the insurance distribution process and have contracts with all of the brokers and providers we work with that cover topics such as Data Protection, and the way in which we will handle your information.

Secondly, we do not cold call people who have not opted in and given express permission for a call. Any call you receive from iRevolution Connect will be due to permissions you have given previously, either online or when speaking to someone about your insurance or energy previously.

No longer happy with us contacting you?

If you don’t want us to contact you, firstly please feel free to tell us on the call and our agent will place a submission to have you removed from the database.

If you have had a missed call from us, and want to stop us from calling you again, email us on enquiries@irevolutionconnect.co.uk and ask us to remove your details. Make sure you give us your phone number so we can match you with our system. We aim to handle these enquiries within 2 working days.

Please note: If you opt-in to another campaign either online or via another provider and they send us your data to call in the future, iRevolution Connect will still call you. Each campaign we work on is handled separately with each of our partners.

Our Phone Numbers

Our phone system dials out using numerous different phone numbers. Here is a list of our most common numbers used so you know that you are being contacted by iRevolution Connect.

07474 547201 07362 055594 07380 967577 07380 967646 07380 967760 07389 012976 07389 061486 07427 322072 07462 007510 07477 480492 07537 150333 07537 150444 07537 150555 07537 150666 07537 150777 07537 150888 07537 150999 07537 151001 07537 151002 07537 151003 07537 151004 07537 151005 07537 151006 07537 151007 07537 151008 07537 151009 07537 151010 07537 151011 07537 151012 07723 790008 07723 827333 07862 109366 07862 209577 07883 205280 07897 038777 07897 043777 07897 063555 07897 065111 07897 067999 07897 075553 07897 076555 07897 076999 07897 077721 07897 082333