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Driving School Insurance

If you are a driving instructor you will know the importance of having a comprehensive insurance policy in place. Teaching in any form can be a very satisfying job, it is a good feeling knowing you have helped many people improve their life by helping them to get their very own driving licence, although finding insurance for driving instructors is more complicated than your standard personal car insurance, we have your back.

With a flurry of new drivers being in control of your vehicle you will need to expect the unexpected. At iRevolution Connect we aim to help find you driving school insurance that suits your needs.

What exactly is Driving School Insurance?

First and foremost, If you are a driving instructor, you would legally need this insurance to do your job. It protects you from a diverse range of risks. Driving school insurance is created to protect you, your clients, your vehicle as well as protecting your income, should an accident occur leaving you unable to work. You would need a policy that is on an ‘any driver’ basis, which means as well as you being able to drive your vehicle, all of your clients would legally be able to drive your vehicle, as long as they have a provisional driving license.

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What we can offer

Peace of mind

Working as a driving instructor can be rewarding, but at times it can be stressful, even more so if you are over worrying about the risks involved. You can do your job to a higher standard if you are secure in the knowledge that you are covered for the range of risks you are facing. Having a great driving school insurance policy can help you with this.

Dual Control Vehicle Insurance

If you were to have an accident and your vehicle needed repairing, dual control vehicle insurance would mean you would receive a courtesy dual control vehicle whilst your car is off the road. This would mean that there is no break in the time you could work and you would not lose income while you are waiting for your own car to be returned.

Negligent Tuition Cover

This will protect you from claims your driving student may make if an accident occurs. With dual control you are obviously minimising the risk of these sorts of claims happening, but accidents do happen, and this cover will give you peace of mind

Competitive Prices

Clearly there are more risks involved in driving school insurance than there are in standard private car insurance, and often the premiums do reflect this. However, we can pair you with insurers that offer fair and competitive prices than you can be happy with.

Monthly Payments

If you would like to pay your insurance in one go you can still do this, but we understand this is not always possible. We can point you in the direction of brokers who will set up a policy for you which can be paid off in monthly direct debits.

Reputable and trusted brokers

Here at iRevolution Connect we can connect you with brokers you can trust. All insurers we have business relationships with are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so we know they are complying with the rules the FCA have set.

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What elements can affect the price of my Driving School Insurance?

There are more complications and factors that go into pricing a driving school insurance policy than there are in a standard car policy, but you should be aware of some of the factors that can help keep the price down.

  • Age of the Drivers: You will need extra cover if you are teaching students who are under the age of 17. This is due to the fact you can only teach them off road and will need insurance to specifically cover this.
  • Vehicle: The vehicle itself plays a big part in the premium. All vehicles are put into insurance groups, 1-50. Group 1 cars being the cheapest to insure, group 50 being the most expensive. There are many factors that can determine the insurance group, but usually the smaller the engine size, the cheaper it is to insure.
  • Location: Your location makes a difference to your premium. You may not always be able to avoid this one but areas that have statistically had more accidents would increase the premium, and vice versa for statistically safer areas.
  • Timing: Whether you teach driving lessons full time or part time will make a difference. You insurer can usually make the policy tailormade to you depending on how often you work

Why choose iRevolution Connect for Driving School Insurance?

You may be tempted to find the cheapest policy possible, but this may not cover everything you need. You could then find out the hard way when an accident occurs and you realise you are not covered. If you choose to get a quote through us, we can match you with a broker that will put time and effort in for you, then offer you a policy that covers everything you require.

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