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Any Driver Fleet Insurance

Looking after your fleet policy does not need to be stressful, with an any driver fleet policy you can save yourself time and effort. Looking after a fleet of vehicles can be challenging enough, never mind having to constantly call up your insurer to change your drivers as your staff changes. An any driver policy covers all drivers over a specified age, whether it be 21, 25 or 30. Having a policy like this means you don’t need to continuously call your insurer to change your drivers, if you have a new driver who fits the criteria, they are already covered to drive.

What is the benefit of purchasing any driver fleet insurance

There are many benefits to choosing an any driver policy over a named driver policy, for example;

  • It is less time consuming, as there is no need to keep contacting your insurer to make changes to the drivers on the policy.
  • You have different policy options available to you, you can choose an any driver over 21 policy, or an any driver over 25 policy.
  • If you hire a new driver that fits the criteria of the policy, which would mean they have no driving convictions that would need to be declared to the insurer, then they can drive the vehicle straight away.

Which drivers would any driver fleet policies cover?

When it comes to any driver policies you have three options;

  • Any driver over 21
  • Any driver over 25
  • Any driver over 30

If you have an any driver over 21 policy for example, this means that anyone over the age of 21 can drive your vehicles, that is if they have a clean licence. It is still possible to add drivers with convictions but they may need to be added separately as a named driver. If the majority of your drivers are over the age of 30, then it may be beneficial to choose an any driver over 30 policy, as this could be cheaper than a any driver over 21 policy.

What type of fleet policies do we offer?

Any driver over 21 fleet insurance

This simply means that any driver over the age of 21 can drive any of the vehicles on your fleet. This can be pricier than the other types of fleet insurance, as it is a higher risk due to potentially multiple young drivers using your vehicles. It is however the policy that gives you the most freedom.

Any driver over 25 fleet insurance

On this policy any driver over the age of 25 can drive the vehicles listed on your fleet policy.

Any driver over 30 fleet insurance

This could be the cheapest of the three ‘any driver’ policies. Any driver over the age of 30 can drive your vehicles.

Named driver fleet insurance

This may be the most cost efficient way to insure your fleet if you are confident you are going to have the same drivers all year round. You would need to list the drivers you want on your policy and only they can drive the vehicles. If you change your drivers often, you may want to consider an any driver policy. Any change to a policy can result in administration fees, so an any driver policy could save you money if you know you will switch drivers often.

How can I get an any driver fleet policy for the first time?

Whether or not you have had a fleet policy before we can help you buy fleet insurance for any driver. If you have had separate policies for all your vehicles and you want to consolidate all your vehicles into one policy, we can help you do that. We can also help if you have had a fleet policy before but had named drivers listed on the policy and want to switch to any driver insurance. Either way if you are seeking any driver fleet insurance for the first time, you have come to the right place.

Why use iRevolution Connect?

We can put you in contact with a specialist broker that will make sure they find a policy that is suited for you. Whether you want any driver over 21 insurance, over 25 or over 30. They will ask you all the right questions and make sure you are only paying for what you need. All the brokers we use are FCA regulated and are knowledgeable in fleet insurance, so you know you will be using a broker you can trust.

Insured people on any driver fleet policy

What levels of cover are available?

Like your usual fleet insurance, any driver fleet insurance gives you three options in the level of cover;

Any Driver Fleet Insurance |
Product Lowest Price Highest Price Customer Rating
Any Driver Fleet Insurance | £1359.91 £6720.12 4.45 / 5

Pricing claim generated from smallest and largest base premiums of policies sold from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2019 from one of our partners.

Customer product rating is based on 53 reviews from a range of 1 to 5, where 5 being the best.