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Large Fleet Insurance

If you are looking for a way to insure 5 or more vehicles under one single policy, then you will need a large fleet insurance policy. Insuring your vehicles this way can be beneficial for numerous reasons. It can save you time, effort, and in some cases, money.

A large fleet policy can be great for large or growing businesses that have 5 or more vehicles. If you insure your vehicles separately, the more vehicles you have, then the more time consuming it becomes. If the worst were to happen and you needed to make a claim, you would have the peace of mind in knowing that all of your vehicles are being looked after by one insurer, you would not need to look through multiple policy details to find the correct insurer for the specific vehicle.

What types of vehicles do we cover for fleet insurance?

Most fleets will consist mainly of company cars, if this is what you are looking for, then iRevolution Connect can help you with this. It is not just company cars we can insure though, if you are looking for other vehicles to insure on a large fleet policy then we can also help you find insurance for the following;

  • Fleet insurance for HGV’s
  • Fleet insurance for courier vehicles
  • Fleet insurance for taxis. (Private or public hire policy)

What are the benefits of having a large fleet insurance policy?

There are many benefits to having a fleet policy. As a large business with many vehicles you can save a lot of time and effort by having all of your vehicles under one policy, this is especially useful if you are growing business and you know you will add cars to your fleet. Rather than finding separate insurance for your new vehicle, you can just contact your insurer and add a new vehicle to your fleet policy. If you pay your insurance by direct debit it would also be preferable to pay one monthly payment for an individual policy, rather than paying multiple direct debit across different days of the month. When it comes to renewing your policy it is also a lot simpler, having to go through one renewal process, with one insurer.

Most of the benefits involve saving you time and hassle, whatever your business may be we are sure that your time is vital to you and you don’t want to waste any of it sorting out your insurance policies. On many occasions consolidating your insurance into a large fleet policy can also save you money, it is always best to check if you can save money by getting a fleet insurance quote.

What other types of fleet insurance do we offer?

It is not just large fleet policy we can offer, we also provide the following;

  • Fleet insurance for 3-5 vehicles - You don’t have to be a large business with many vehicles to find fleet insurance. You may be a small or growing business and only currently have 3 or more vehicles. We can still find you a broker that will give you a quote for this and find you a fleet policy.
  • Small or mini fleet insurance - Again, even if you only have 2 or 3 vehicles, you can still find a fleet policy and iRevolution Connect can help you.
  • Any driver fleet insurance - This type of insurance gives you the most freedom as you have the option to purchase an any driver over 21, 25 or 30 policy. This basically means that if you have an any driver over 30 policy for example, that any driver over the age of 30 can drive any vehicle in your fleet. It can be very beneficial if you have many drivers or you change drivers often.
  • Named driver fleet insurance - This type of policy would mean you do have to list the drivers you want in charge of your vehicles and only they can drive them. This type of policy would be advisable if you have a smaller number of drivers or a low turnover of staff.
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What levels of cover can you choose from?

Tips for keeping the price of your fleet insurance down

How your insurance is priced is based on many factors, some of them are in your control. Here are some ways you may find cheaper fleet insurance;

Why use iRevolution Connect?

We can match you with experienced and knowledgeable brokers who will find a large fleet policy that is tailored to suit your needs. They can also give advice on the best way to set up your fleet policy, so if you have never had a fleet policy before, you know you will get the help that you need. All of our brokers are FCA regulated so you know they are trusted and do things correctly. We can find you a broker that will be happy to find a large fleet policy which is ideal for you and your business.

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