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Modified Vehicle

Modifying your vehicle can be an expensive hobby, but your vehicles insurance doesn’t need to be a headache. As soon as you look online for modified vehicle insurance, you find lots of specialist brokers who you may have never heard of, but who is best?

At iRevolution Connect, we have done the hard work for you and only work with brokers who are FCA regulated so you know you are in safe hands. What’s more we check that each broker has experience with your specific vehicle before sending them your details.

What you want from Modified Vehicle Insurance

A choice in cover levels

From third party to fully comprehensive, you want to right cover for your vehicle and its modifications.

Competitive pricing

By using iRevolution Connect, you can easily and quickly compare prices from multiple specialist insurance partners.

Chance to pay monthly

If you are looking to spread the cost of your insurance over the year, then premium finance plans can be a life saver.

Insured Modified Vehicle

Modifications and how they affect your price

It’s not surprising that modifications often increase the price of your insurance. Not only do mods make the car more enjoyable to you, but depending on the change, it could make it more desirable to thieves and vandals. Some modifications also increase the costs that insurers would have to pay if there was a claim.

What happens if I don’t tell insurers about my vehicle modifications?

Just like you have to tell your insurance provider if you made any claims or have any driving convictions, modifications are really important for the insurance provider. If you don’t use a specialist and fail to tell them about your mods, your insurance could be made void by the insurer or invalidated in the event of a claim meaning you would have to pay the price for your vehicle and damage to anyone else's property! This is why specialist brokers are the best bet for your modified vehicle insurance. Not only can they help in the event of a claim but they understand the types of modifications you have made and how that will affect your premiums in years to come.

modified vehicle

What types of vehicle modifications can I insure?

There is an insurance provider for every modification including:

  • Turbo and supercharged vehicles
  • Exhaust system changes
  • Wheel arch amendments
  • After-market alloy wheels
  • Body kit amendments
  • Replacement brakes
  • Sunroof installations
  • Specialist paintwork
  • Changes to suspension
  • Racing alterations including bucket seats
  • There are hundreds of modifications that can be covered by speaking to specialist insurance providers. Click the button below to request quotes

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Modified Vehicle | £902.3 £7717.13 4.72 / 5

Pricing claim generated from smallest and largest base premiums of policies sold from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2019 from one of our partners.

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