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Glasgow Taxi Insurance

Being a Taxi Driver in Glasgow is a great way of making a living. Not only do you get to spend time with a wide variety of people, but you get to make money on your own terms by working the hours and areas that you and any business you work for want.

As a solution provider to those wanting taxi insurance in Glasgow, we know that your time is precious and you want to be on the road earning a living. That is why we take the hassle out of finding reputable and trustworthy brokers for you. Using our simple form, we match you with brokers and providers that can help you find taxi insurance that meets your needs whilst understanding the local area of Glasgow.

Benefits of Taxi Insurance Glasgow

Taxi Insurance, both Private and Public hire, come in different shapes and sizes with various add-ons, such as legal, breakdown and windscreen meaning you can tailor it to your needs. But, at the heart of it, taxi, like most vehicle insurance comes in 3 forms:

Third Party Only - In the industry we call this TPO and it covers anyone you would injure or anyone whose property you damage.

Third Party Fire and Theft - TPFT is like TPO with the benefit of paying if you make a claim for your vehicle suffering a fire, or theft.

Comprehensive - This provides cover for not just the vehicle and any third parties, but for the driver too i.e. medical expenses.

Benefits of using for Taxi Insurance, Glasgow

At, we want to make it easy for the people of Glasgow to get Taxi Insurance quotes.. Here are some of the benefits to using Insurance1 below:

Same day cover

Depending on the insurer, most brokers can get you same day cover to get you on the road faster and get your paperwork to you online to help with your submissions.

Multiple quotes

By filling out 1 form on our website, we will match you with companies that can provide you with quotes for Taxi Insurance, Glasgow.

Private & Public Hire Insurance

Our brokers are often able to cover both Private and Public hire plus, they can advise you on any additional requirements you may have.

Driving for Uber in Glasgow

If you need to find insurance to become an Uber driver in Glasgow, you can get quotes by completing our simple form. By filling this out, you will be matched with insurance providers who are able to get quotes for Private Hire Taxi Insurance for Uber.

Our providers don’t work directly with Uber, however they are able to source insurance that will allow you to drive for Uber.

Cutting the costs of Glasgow Taxi Insurance

Whilst cutting the cost of your Glasgow Taxi Insurance is possibly a priority for you, it often comes at a cost in terms of cover. However, there are some other things you can do to help reduce costs, depending on your insurer.

Dash Cam

More and more insurers are discounting policies for those with dash cams. Not only that, but those with CCTV installed inside the vehicle too to help with claims decisions.


Things such as immobilisers fitted to your vehicle and parking your vehicle overnight in an area that is well lit, or even locked can help reduce the costs of taxi insurance.

Higher excess level

If, in the event of a claim, you could afford to pay more towards getting you back on the road, you could opt for a higher voluntary excess level. It would be prudent to make sure you can afford the voluntary and compulsory excesses together if you had to.

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Becoming a taxi driver in Glasgow

Each council has its own set of rules and regulations for becoming a taxi driver but below is a guide to help you take your first steps to becoming a taxi driver in Glasgow.

To apply you must:

To find out more, visit the Glasgow Council website.

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