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Taxi Insurance for Uber

If you are already an established Uber driver, or looking to get on the road, you will know that Uber and other taxi apps require their drivers to hold adequate insurance policies. The level of cover is usually down to your choice but often guided by the value of your vehicle and the cost of the insurance policy, from Third Party Only (TPO) to Comprehensive Taxi insurance – insurers and brokers can provide you with cover that is tailored to your needs.

Our providers are not affiliated with Uber or any other taxi service, but they are able to provide policies accepted by them.

Why Use to find Taxi Insurance for Uber?

As a taxi driver, you want to spend your time on the road driving your customers to their destinations, not tapping away on a computer or dialling insurance providers to get the best price. That is why we built

iRevolution Connect allows you to fill out 1 form to find the insurance you need. We have partnered with a number of insurance brokers and providers who will contact you at a time convenient for you to get your quotes.

We work with brokers who are specialists in Taxi Insurance, both Public Hire Taxi Insurance and Private Hire Taxi Insurance who are able to provide same day cover for Uber.

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What Uber taxi Insurance features should I look for?

The range of benefits and features available on your insurance policy will vary depending on the provider, but many companies are able to offer a great range of add-on policies or benefits, including:

Breakdown Cover - Roadside assistance is great if you spend your working life on the road.

Protected No Claims Bonus - Good driving deserves reward, build up and protect your no claims bonus to generate future insurance discounts.

Legal Cover - Cover the cost of your legal fees if a claim is made against you.

Loss of Earnings Cover - Provides protection and income if you are off the road and unable to earn.

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Do I need a taxi badge?

All taxi drivers in the UK require a taxi badge issued by your local authority prior to picking up passengers.

How do I get a taxi badge?

You need to apply to your local council for a taxi badge. You can find your local council here.

Will I be able to drive my taxi for personal or social purposes?

Most policies do allow social and domestic use but you will need to ask your insurance provider to check your specific policy. Other providers offer top-up policies meaning you can insure your car elsewhere for social and domestic use and just pay an additional fee per mile when working.

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