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Public Hire Insurance

As a taxi driver looking for Public Hire Insurance, you have come to the right place. At we have worked with many providers of insurance to help you find the suppliers that can help you. Some public hire insurance providers only cover their local area, some will only cover vehicles under a certain age. At, we only ask the questions we need to match you with insurance providers that specialise in your specific needs.

If you are a public hire driver you will already know that, like every kind of insurance there are some excellent taxi insurance policies available but the key is determining what is right for you.

Why do I require Public Hire Insurance?

If you are driving a public hire taxi in the UK, you need public hire insurance by law. You will not be able to run your vehicle as a black cab or otherwise without an appropriate insurance policy in place. As each operating area in the UK would have different guidelines, you will be required to check the local licensing regulations of your area. ‘Third party only’ is the minimum level of cover you need legally but be sure to check with your council if they have specific requests.

What are the risks for Public Hire Insurance?

The main risks of public hire insurance are:

  • Risk of damage caused by customers to your taxi.
  • Risk of theft and fire.

What are my Public Hire Insurance cover options?

There are three levels of public hire insurance cover which includes

Third Party Only

This is the lowest level kind of insurance cover and beneficial if you are on a limited budget. This level will protect your passengers and allow you to drive the taxi around the UK legally. The TPO option provides minimal protection for you as well as your vehicle.

Fire & Theft

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire, the Fire & Theft Insurance will cover you.


Comprehensive Insurance policies will prove appropriate cover for every type of collision including the ones you are liable for. This is the highest type of Public Hire Insurance cover and takes care of all the benefits highlighted in the TPO and Fire & Theft level of policies.

What information does a Private Hire insurer need?

Numerous taxi firms and owners look for inexpensive taxi insurance as Public Hire Insurance can be costly. When it comes to protecting your livelihood, the appropriate level of cover becomes more important than the cost. The following aspects need to be kept in mind in case you are looking for a cheap Private Hire Insurance.

  • Location - Greater risk is associated if you operate in bigger cities due to denser traffic, inter area connectors, nightlife, driving at odd hours etc.
  • Driver’s age - The younger the driver, the greater is the risk in the eyes of the insurer, therefore, the insurance premium you will pay is often indirectly proportional to the driver’s age
  • Type of vehicle - The size and the power of your engine or the fuel it’s engine runs on, will decide the amount of premium you are likely to pay.
  • Voluntary excess - If you raise the voluntary excess, many insurers will decrease the cost of the premium.

What additional cover do I require with Public Hire Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, you should speak with the local authority where you drive as certain areas might have a stipulated minimum levels of public liability insurance requirements which are needed in addition to your vehicle cover. Additional cover might include breakdown cover, loss of earnings, injury or illness insurance.

insured public hire vehicle on a street

How can you save money on Public Hire Insurance?

Looking for tips on how to save money on your public hire? See our list below.

Can I build no claims bonus as a taxi driver?

Building up your no claims discount over several years might earn you numerous discounts to claim free drivers. Some insurers offer no claims discounts of around 75% for those with the highest number of years no claims. If your taxi driver has been holding their taxi badge for a long time, this might help you in building up credibility with your chosen insurer.

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