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Taxi Fleet Insurance

Do you own a taxi firm? Do you have multiple vehicles acting as taxis under your brand?

As you will know, your assets must be insured with the right level of cover for your business to keep you up and running safely. Smart taxi companies choose taxi fleet insurance over individual policies for their ease of administration, which often comes with cost savings too.

What is taxi fleet insurance?

Taxi fleet insurance is a policy where every car in your fleet is covered under one single policy. If you have 2 or more vehicles in your fleet, you will often benefit from this form of insurance.

How many cars and what type of cars?

The good part is that a taxi fleet policy can cover any number of cars you have under your fleet, starting from 2-3 to even more than 100. There is the option of a mini fleet policy for a smaller fleet that ranges from 2-5 vehicles. Taxi fleet can usually cover any kind of vehicle you run under your taxi fleet.

What level of cover do I need?

Taxi fleet insurance usually comes up with 3 primary types of coverage options.

  • Third party only cover - This is the most basic form of insurance coverage for your taxi fleet and often the cheapest one as well. It provides covers for damage incurred to 3rd party & damage to your taxi won’t be covered here. If your vehicle gets stolen, you would have to bear the cost yourself.
  • Third party fire & theft policy - This policy offers little more than the previous basic coverage by covering the expense of repairing your vehicle in case it’s involved in a fire accident. It would also support you if the car is stolen. However, it won’t help you if the vehicle is damaged due to vandalism or road accident.
  • Comprehensive cover - Comprehensive cover is the highest cover level for your taxi fleet. It includes the previous two covers under it and would also support you if the vehicle lands up with any accidental damage. In simple words, your comprehensive taxi fleet insurance policy will make sure that you won’t face any huge repair bills in case one of your vehicles is involved in a fire or road accident. Quite naturally, this is often the most expensive cover but looking at the coverage extent, the higher price is often justified.

Why buy taxi fleet cover?

You can always have individual policies for each of your vehicles but then why invest in a fleet insurance? Well, fleet insurance comes up with several benefits.

Convenient insurance management

The primary benefit is convenience. When you opt for fleet insurance, you will have all your taxis under one single policy - there will be one premium to pay, one policy to renew and make claims on. In simple words, life gets much easier with fleet insurance for your taxi fleet.

Lower cost

Often, fleet policies work out to be lower overall costs than individual policies, especially after a few years and no claims, or fleet experience, has started to build.


Taxi fleet insurance policies often allow you to include any sort of vehicle you have under your fleet in one single policy. This increased flexibility will allow you to insure any of the drivers driving the vehicles. However, most taxi fleet policies will only insure drivers over the age of 25 years of age.

How to get cheaper taxi fleet insurance

The good news is that there are various methods to ensure cheaper taxi fleet cover without compromising on the insurance coverage.

Shop around

Using sites such as, shopping your quote around every year will make sure that you get the best price available. Our system asks you very specific questions to match you to our insurance suppliers which means that you get prices from companies that can help you - wasting less of your valuable time.

Vehicle trackers

Vehicle trackers are a great way to save on your fleet insurance. These tracker solutions notify you of the exact location of your vehicle in real time which would be handy in vehicle recovery or in case the car gets stolen.

Alarms & immobilizers

Fleets equipped with alarms & immobilizers also encourage cheaper quotes from many insurance providers. Both the security features will discourage & prevent the thieves from stealing away your vehicles.

You can ask your provider, or any of our insurance providers about areas that need improvement in your fleet or what the drivers must do in case they get caught up in an accident. These little safety steps could mean a lot when it comes to your insurance premium.

insured taxi fleet in a car park

What about my drivers?

Your premium depends largely on the age and driving history of your drivers. Stereotypically, younger drivers may be seen to have a tendency to drive faster, or more dangerously. What’s more, points on licenses, driving bans or even criminal records may also be uninsurable to some providers but at, we work with taxi fleet insurance providers from across the country, some of who specialise in these riskier drivers.

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