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HGV Insurance

If you are on the lookout for Insurance for HGV then you have come to the right place. Driving without the correct HGV cover can be detrimental to you and your livelihood with fines from the Police, driving convictions and points on your licence, you may find it difficult to find insurance and or HGV driving jobs.

At we work with HGV Insurance specialist brokers who are waiting to help you compare lorry insurance prices and provide you with competitive quotes in minutes.

Why use

  • Save money - If you require HGV or lorry insurance, can help you shop around with quotes from multiple HGV Insurance Brokers. allows you to pick the best levels of cover and ultimately, find a price that is right for you.
  • Trusted Brokers - There are lots of brokers and insurers out there, advertising for your business but which ones can you trust? We ensure that all the brokers we work with are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are registered on Companies House so you can be assured that they are trustworthy HGV brokers.
  • Save time - We don’t want you to waste your time so we only ask the questions that really matter to make sure that you get covered easily and quickly and don’t spend too much time filling out paperwork and forms.
Insured HGV

Truck or Lorry?

You may find that both words are often used interchangeably, but the word lorry is more often used in the UK, whereas the word truck is more commonly used in the USA. For clarification, both are HGV’s.

Types of Cover Available

  • 7.5 Tonne Lorry Insurance - Vehicles over 3.5 tonne upto 7.5 are often seen as the standard size lorry, used by companies up and down the country for the movement of their own goods and for haulage. 7.5 tonne HGV’s can be insured through the brokers we work with at
  • 10 Tonne Lorry Insurance - Our brokers are able to provide specialist insurance for vehicles that are 10 tonne, in both comprehensive or third party levels of cover.
  • Up to 60 Tonne HGV Insurance - It’s not just 7.5 and 10 tonne vehicles we can help with. Many of our brokers can assist with vehicles up to 60 tonne.
  • HGV Haulage Insurance - If you are driving a HGV for haulage purposes, we can help you find cover for driving across the UK or onto mainland Europe. You can insure the goods being transported too to ensure you meet all european requirements.
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Cheap Lorry Insurance

Of course everyone wants to buy cheap HGV insurance, but what factors do the insurers actually use to generate your HGV insurance quotes?

  • Age: Just like other types of vehicle insurance, age is a factor in HGV and Lorry insurance policies with those at the ends of range often facing higher costs.
  • Driving experience: In the wrong hands, a HGV is difficult to handle. Those with experience may see their costs decreasing as their experience grows.
  • Operators licence
  • Vehicle size: The brokers we work with can find insurance for all classes of vehicle whilst the insurer will use this as a rating factor.
  • Use: Do you require private HGV insurance or are you involved in haulage? Both uses generate different risks and premiums.
  • Convictions: Across the board, drivers with driving and criminal convictions may be subject to higher premiums.
  • Claims: If you have years of no claims discounts from driving safely and claim free, you may be able to save money on your policy.
  • Extras: You can often reduce your costs by considering which added extra benefits you really need. From legal cover, public liability, breakdown or even cover for hazardous goods. Of course, you need to make sure you are fully aware of the risks of not taking these covers however some are optional extras that can be removed from the quote.
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