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Truck Insurance

As a truck or HGV driver, you require specialist insurance to keep you on the road. works with truck brokers and truck insurance companies across the UK who can help you find the right cover to keep you on the road legally.

If you are driving vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, be it for personal or business purposes, you will need to ensure your truck insurance covers you. If the Police were to stop you and find you without adequate insurance, you would risk being handed 6 points, a £300 fine and a driving conviction that may cause you problems in the future.

Why iRevolution Connect for your Insurance Quote?

  • Truck insurance experts - We work with brokers that are truck experts who are all ready and waiting to give you quotes.
  • Save time & money - By completing our simple form, you can receive quotes from a variety of brokers and truck insurance providers who are perfectly matched to your insurance needs, saving you time from shopping around. Of course, by shopping around for quotes, you can save money year on year by comparing prices for a variety of sources.
  • Trusted providers - All of the brokers we work with are checked to ensure they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and registered on Companies House so you know you are working with trusted brokers and providers.
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How Much Does Truck Insurance Cost?

Unfortunately, truck or lorry insurance is not a 1 size fits all product so we can’t give you an indicative cost upfront but you can get quotes by completing our simple form and matching with providers that will contact you. There are a number of rating factors insurance companies and brokers consider, including:

  • Truck Driving Experience - Do you have years of experience or are you new to truck driving? Insurers will consider your experience.
  • Operators Licence - Do you hold an operators license? If so, you should find gaining insurance for trucks over 7.5 tonnes much easier than if you didn’t.
  • Size of the vehicle - Insurers will need to know the size of the truck you plan on insuring with them. A 7.5 tonne truck could do much more damage to others than a 3.5 tonne vehicle, however a bigger vehicle is less potentially less likely to be stolen. All of these factors will be assessed.
  • Level of Cover - Truck Insurance, just like car insurance is sold with multiple levels of cover from Third Party Only through to Comprehensive. Make sure you check your policy wording to ensure your policy matches the level of cover you need.
  • Own Goods or Haulage - If you use your truck purely to move your own goods, you may find you get a different quote to those that use the vehicle for haulage purposes.
  • Claims and Convictions - As with other vehicle insurances, claims and convictions have a big impact on costs. Try to keep on the right side of the law, and drive carefully to keep your costs low.
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Truck Insurance UK

As a truck driver in the UK you are expected to have the correct level of insurance, but what happens if you drive in Europe, or beyond?

Most truck insurance brokers will be able to provide you with insurance to cover you abroad, what is more, they may be able to help provide you with cover for breakdown and cover for any third parties goods you are transporting.

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